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Orca Sea

One of Cornwall's top boat trips.

Wildlife watching and coastal safaris in some of the UK’s most stunning waters.


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Latest Sightings

Whenever our team spot some of our wonderful wildlife they'll let you know.

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This Year's Sightings

  • 81

    Minke Whale

    12:00 AM, Tue 24 July 2012
    50°W 7' 31" 50°E 7' 31"

    antastic day on the water with Minke Whales, a large number of Common Dolphins a number of Basking Sharks Harbour Porpoise and a variety of Sea Birds. A Thresher Shark was also seen leaping from the water! Please see our face book page for some superb photos

    Spotted by All three trips
  • 82

    Basking Shark

    12:00 AM, Tue 24 July 2012
    50°W 5' 21" 50°E 5' 21"

    Huge amount of wildlife today, Basking Sharks, Minke Whales, Common Dolphins just to mention a few see our Facebook page for some cracking photos

    Spotted by Morning & Afternoon Trips
  • 83

    Basking Shark

    05:00 PM, Mon 23 July 2012
    50°W 5' 21" 50°E 5' 21"

    What a superb day out on the water, the late afternoon trip were delighted to have been able to watch two Basking Sharks making their way majestically through the calm seas, they also saw a couple of Pilot Whales. On their return one passenger, Josh and our Skipper said they had seen something much bigger! Had the sun got to them? We needed photos. Josh thought he had got something 600 pictures later we found it, a Fin Whale

    Spotted by Afternoon Boat Trip
  • 84

    Common Dolphin

    11:00 AM, Mon 23 July 2012
    50°W 4' 56" 50°E 4' 56"

    Once again a glorious morning with calm seas and great visibility, Josh our student from Swansea University soon spotted a large number of Gannets diving in the distance. The dolphins were in one large pod and then separated into three. See our Facebook page for more pictures

    Spotted by Morning Boat trip
  • 85

    Basking Shark

    03:15 PM, Fri 20 July 2012
    50°W 5' 21" 50°E 5' 21"

    Summer is here! The trips today have enjoyed glorious SUN! The afternoon trip were in for a real treat. The seals were soaking up the sun on Black Rock, out to the Manacles Reef where they had 6 Harbour porpoises feeding and Risso dolphins, as they were returning back to Falmouth a large fin was seen in the distance, there was not one but 4 Basking Sharks the biggest being about 8M. Check out our Facebook page for some great photos

    Spotted by Afternoon Boat Trip
  • 86

    Harbour Porpoise

    03:00 PM, Fri 20 July 2012
    50°W 7' 38" 50°E 7' 38"

    A great day on the water today, the sun has stayed with us. This afternoon's trip saw a variety of seabirds, seals, 6 Harbour Porpoises feeding, Risso Dolphins, as the boat was returning a large fin was spotted by our eagle eyed skipper, there was not one but four basking sharks the biggest was about 8m!!

    Spotted by Afternoon Boat Trip
  • 87


    11:20 AM, Mon 9 July 2012
    50°W 5' 4" 50°E 5' 4"

    The sun was shining this morning..Hooray and virtually no wind so the sea was oily calm. This mornings trip encountered several Harbour Porpoises busy feeding whilst watching these our eagle eyed skipper noticed a Sunfish taking full advantage of the sun

    Spotted by Morning Boat trip
  • 88

    Harbour Porpoise

    12:00 PM, Tue 19 June 2012
    50°W 7' 38" 50°E 7' 38"

    Well it's sunny in Falmouth, and lot's of activity on and off the water. The super yachts have all moved and moored stern to, some of the J class yachts are out having a bit of a shake down. This mornings trip had a great view of this. The wildlife spotted this morning included Cormorants, Shags, Gannets a Storm Petrel, Gannets, Harbour porpoises feeding off the mouth of The Helford and several seals basking in the sunshine on Black Rock

    Spotted by Morning Boat trip
  • 89

    Harbour Porpoise

    05:00 PM, Sun 27 May 2012
    50°W 7' 38" 50°E 7' 38"

    Yesterday we had an Easterly gale, this morning there was hardly a breath!! Sea state had calmed down. Today's trips have seen Harbour porpoises feeding, Gannets diving and our regular seals on Black Rock

    Spotted by Sunday Boat Trip
  • 90

    Common Dolphins

    10:30 AM, Fri 13 April 2012
    50°W 10' 8" 50°E 10' 8"

    It has been pretty chilly this week with brisk winds, however Friday the 13th was lucky for some, with no wind the sea was like a mill pond, a pod of about 20 Common Dolphins with the afternoon trip also spotting four harbour porpoises not to mention lots of Gannets and Guillemots.

    Spotted by Morning Boat trip
  • 91


    12:00 AM, Tue 10 April 2012
    50°W 7' 0" 50°E 7' 0"

    What a difference in the weather today!! Our Skipper managed to dodge the April showers, today's trips saw a number of Gannets, seals and this mornings trip spotted some Harbour porpoise busy feeding
  • 92


    12:00 AM, Fri 6 April 2012
    50°W 3' 20" 50°E 3' 20"

    What a beautiful day it was although still a little chilly,George the Bottlenose dolphin that we regularly see was out in the Carrick Roads this morning he is still on his own!Plenty of seals and sea birds also. We are waiting for some photo id of the lone dolphin spotted in Looe this week to see if it was George as the one sighted there also had a chunk missing from it's dorsal fin. Thank you to the Ambrose family for this picture.
  • 93

    Bottlenose Dolphins

    01:30 PM, Wed 4 April 2012
    50°W 8' 35" 50°E 8' 35"

    Despite the cold wind and possibility of some liquid sunshine, this afternoons trip set out with great anticipation not only did they see seals and Gannets it was a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins that made everyone's day!!

    Spotted by Afternoon Trip
  • 94


    12:00 AM, Wed 4 April 2012
    50°W 3' 20" 50°E 3' 20"

    Four seasons in one day, it was pretty chilly when setting out today, all passengers wrapped up, was it worth it?..... yes it was, both trips today encountered a playful pod of bottlenose dolphins and seals and many sea birds in close proximity to Falmouth
  • 95


    12:00 AM, Sun 1 April 2012
    50°W 9' 3" 50°E 9' 3"

    The sea conditions were quite lumpy this weekend with a SE wind,we have seen a number of sea birds including Manx shearwaters, Gannets and cormorants.
  • 96


    12:00 AM, Sat 10 March 2012
    50°W 3' 20" 50°E 3' 20"

    Somebody pulled the plug out today a very low spring tide. We just made it off the berth! Today we were in for a real treat, 4 seals on Black Rock followed by a visit from George in the Carrick Roads. George is a bottlenose dolphin and is a regular visitor to Falmouth he has several large chunks missing from his dorsal fin. More seals sighted off St Anthonys Head and finally a pod of about 6 bottlenose dolphins off Pendennis Point oh and lots of blue sky and sunshine
  • 97


    04:27 AM, Sun 19 February 2012
    50°W 3' 20" 50°E 3' 20"

    The season has started.. Hooray! Passengers were well wrapped up as it was particularly nippy in Falmouth. A number of sea birds and seals were sighted. This afternoon reports from St Mawes ferry skipper advised us of dolphins just outside Falmouth harbour. A good way to start to the season