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Orca Sea

One of Cornwall's top boat trips.

Wildlife watching and coastal safaris in some of the UK’s most stunning waters.


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Latest Sightings

Whenever our team spot some of our wonderful wildlife they'll let you know.

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This Year's Sightings

  • 41

    Common Dolphins

    02:15 PM, Tue 22 April 2014
    50°W 6' 23" 50°E 6' 23"

    As we approached St Anthonys Lighthouse it was decision time South, East or West! The sky was looking brighter over towards the Manacles, it turned out to be a fantastic choice. There was plenty of bird activity, Guillemots & Razorbills. It was a couple of circling Gannets that attracted our attention, we slowly approached and to the delight of everyone a pod of Common Dolphins who had one interest only... feeding! I managed to take a few photos but also had lots of the sea

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 42


    02:20 PM, Fri 18 April 2014
    50°W 2' 53" 50°E 2' 53"

    Not a regular visitor to our waters!

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 43


    01:30 PM, Fri 18 April 2014
    50°W 7' 52" 50°E 7' 52"

    Another great day on the water with some super views of Gannets, Guillemots and of course our local seals. Today something a little unusual, a Barrel Jellyfish

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 44

    Atlantic Grey Seal

    12:00 AM, Mon 14 April 2014
    50°W 8' 26" 50°E 8' 26"

    TP back on "his" rock today

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 45

    Atlantic Grey Seal

    09:30 AM, Fri 14 March 2014
    50°W 12' 56" 50°E 12' 56"

    I had a little trip on Enterprise Boats Classic River Trips this morning and look, we saw seals!

    Spotted by Caroline
  • 46

    Common Dolphins

    02:00 PM, Sun 13 October 2013
    50°W 5' 45" 50°E 5' 45"

    With the Falmouth Oyster Festival in full swing it would have been tempting to stay ashore sampling all the lovely food on offer! There was so much to see today as we set off, the working boats racing in the harbour, the largest single masted yacht in the world, M5, the Castle to Castle Gig race and this was all before we got to St Anthonys Lighthouse. Heading some way out an eagle eyed passenger spotted a couple of fins, these soon became lots. It's always difficult to say how many but we reckon it was in excess of 40! As we moved away the Gannets were falling like stones, this is a totally awesome sight and to top it all a small group of Harbour Porpoises. The boat came back in alongside to be greeted by Falmouth Town's Marching Band. What a day and still time to sample an oyster or two! Check out our Facebook page for some more stunning pictures.

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 47

    Harbour Porpoise

    01:30 PM, Sun 13 October 2013
    50°W 7' 6" 50°E 7' 6"

    Four Harbour Porpoise feeding frantically during what turned out to be an amazing day!

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 48

    Bottlenose Dolphins

    10:10 AM, Tue 24 September 2013
    50°W 9' 7" 50°E 9' 7"

    A great start to the day Bottlenose Dolphins frolicking in St Mawes Harbour!

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 49

    Bottlenose Dolphins

    04:00 PM, Fri 20 September 2013
    50°W 8' 44" 50°E 8' 44"

    Today you wouldn't have thought we are nearing the end of September still warm!. What a variety, with everybody taking a keen interest in the various vessels in the area, thank goodness for Google A couple of seals enjoying a sheltered cove, Gannets and Guillemots, we could hear the Peregrines but not spot them they have amazing camouflage against the cliff face. So there we are back in the office mulling over the afternoon and the phone rings...St Mawes Ferry skipper "Dolphins". Nooo determined not to miss them again we ventured back out just to get some photos, they were busy feeding and didn't stay around long but managed to get a couple of pictures

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 50

    Leatherback Turtle

    10:40 AM, Fri 6 September 2013
    50°W 6' 39" 50°E 6' 39"

    The weather for today was not supposed to be good depending on which forecast you looked at! Blue sky and not a breath of wind in Falmouth this morning After yesterdays shy Harbour porpoises and Sunfish these conditions were perfect for spotting! We hadn't gone that far out and a Basking Shark was seen from a distance... slowly does it as we crept closer. It wasn't the snout of the shark as we thought it was a Leatherback Turtle a pretty big one at that! Feeding on the large number of jellyfish in the Bay! What a find and so exciting for everybody who had taken a chance on the weather. We also saw loads of sea birds rafting including Guillemots, and Manx Shearwaters and the Harbour Porpoise. Check out our Facebook page for more stunning images.

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 51


    01:50 PM, Sun 25 August 2013
    50°W 4' 14" 50°E 4' 14"

    There was quite a strong Northerly wind today, the sea state was good this morning but a little more chop this afternoon! There was lots of birds including Gannets, Razorbills and Guillemots. This afternoons trip also saw Ocean Sunfish. They were also treated to an air display from a Catalina Sea Plane. Due to the sea conditions it couldn't land.

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 52

    Atlantic Grey Seals

    02:45 PM, Sat 24 August 2013
    50°W 8' 44" 50°E 8' 44"

    Today was quite breezy and there was quite a lot of surface chop which always makes spotting more challenging. The picture of a female seal was sent to the Cornwall Seal group. It turns out she is a new visitor to Falmouth and not yet in the ID catalogue

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 53

    Basking Shark

    10:30 AM, Fri 23 August 2013
    50°W 6' 36" 50°E 6' 36"

    The sea state today was once again flat calm. I could get used to this! The sea seemed alive with jellyfish. The yachts drifted with what little wind there was. Some great views of Basking Sharks, Harbour Porpoise, Grey seals and a variety of birds. I was really impressed that the youngest on the boat was the only one to snap those shy Harbour Porpoises!

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 54

    Harbour Porpoise

    05:30 PM, Thu 22 August 2013
    50°W 3' 25" 50°E 3' 25"

    A great spot "I saw a fin" shouted one of the passengers. We stopped and waited and there they were, the incredibly shy Harbour porpoises

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 55


    02:20 PM, Thu 22 August 2013
    50°W 6' 29" 50°E 6' 29"

    The sea is warming up we are seeing lots of Sunfish at the moment!

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 56

    Basking Shark

    10:45 AM, Wed 21 August 2013
    50°W 3' 8" 50°E 3' 8"

    This weather is giving us some ideal wildlife watching conditions here in Falmouth, lots of Sunfish and basking sharks at the moment

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 57

    Common Dolphins

    11:00 AM, Mon 12 August 2013
    50°W 3' 57" 50°E 3' 57"

    Very pleased to have some photos from Sophia, Trevor from the National Maritime Museum brought his family out yesterday, as they left the pontoon and disappeared I realised the camera was still in the change shed..doh! When out with us on previous occasions Trevor has seen dolphins and I knew we were tempting fate! About 20 really showed off to all aboard, as we left them they were heading South and unfortunately we couldn't find them on the later trips!

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 58

    Basking Shark

    10:45 AM, Sun 11 August 2013
    50°W 1' 56" 50°E 1' 56"

    The sea state has been perfect this weekend. We have had some great encounters with Basking Sharks, seeing these graceful giants in all their glory is an experience never to be forgotten! A number of Harbour Porpoises were seen on both days and our lovely Atlantic Grey seals!

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 59

    Basking Shark

    02:00 PM, Wed 7 August 2013
    50°W 5' 11" 50°E 5' 11"

    Wednesday we had some lovely blue skies and very calm sea conditions. Once again the Gannets were busy off the Manacles Reef. But the highlight of the day were the Basking sharks gliding through the water. Looking at the marks on the dorsal fin they were definately different to the ones spotted earlier in the week.

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 60

    Basking Shark

    04:30 PM, Thu 1 August 2013
    50°W 3' 33" 50°E 3' 33"

    The sea state was a little choppy today! Two of our trips today had some great views of a basking shark one was about 5m and the second nearer to 6.5m

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth