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Orca Sea

One of Cornwall's top boat trips.

Wildlife watching and coastal safaris in some of the UK’s most stunning waters.


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Latest Sightings

Whenever our team spot some of our wonderful wildlife they'll let you know.

Follow them here for all the latest, from pods of dolphins to rare birds.

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This Year's Sightings

  • 21

    Common Dolphins

    11:00 AM, Thu 13 July 2017
    50°W 7' 41" 50°E 7' 41"

    Another good day at sea with common dolphins paying us a visit

    Spotted by AM Trip
  • 22

    Common Dolphins

    12:00 PM, Wed 12 July 2017
    50°W 4' 25" 50°E 4' 25"

    The last few days have seen lots of shearwaters, Gannets and seals. Both of todays trips had the pleasure of a small pod of Common Dolphins, busy feeding this morning, then this afternoon were up for some play time muchto the excitement of all aboard, the commons can be great entertainment.

    Spotted by AM and PM trips
  • 23

    Common and Rissoe Dolphins

    02:00 PM, Tue 4 July 2017
    50°W 2' 33" 50°E 2' 33"

    A good day at sea today with two trios to see, this morning started a bit murky with mist and fog hanging around and flat seas, we were soon finding lots of Shearwaters, Gannet's and Guillemots, visiting gull rock to find a common seal resting on the rocks, Black rock saw two Atlantic grey seals taking it easy. The PM trip started a bit slow with a lot of Shearwaters but soon became busy with a small pod of common Dolphins east of the Manacles, returning to Falmouth, 4-6 Risso's Dolphins were observed gently moving around to the North of the Helford river entrance.

    Spotted by Orca Morning and Afternoon
  • 24

    Common Dolphins

    02:00 PM, Sat 1 July 2017
    50°W 5' 7" 50°E 5' 7"

    After a couple of days of searching we came up on a nice pod of 30-40 common dolphins just 4 miles east of St Anthonys light house, to the enjoyment of all on board. We are still seeing a few Puffins, Shearwaters, Gannets and Razor bills along the way.

    Spotted by Orca Afternoon
  • 25

    Bottlenose Dolphins

    02:00 PM, Tue 20 June 2017
    50°W 7' 44" 50°E 7' 44"

    Another great day out today with private charter, 30/40 bottle nose dolphins in great spirits along with Guillemots, Razor bills, Gannets and, some great weather, it has been a good start to the season, long may it continue!

    Spotted by Orca Afternoon
  • 26

    Birds, seals

    12:00 PM, Mon 12 June 2017
    50°W 6' 7" 50°E 6' 7"

    After a week of strong winds and rain, we now have some good summer weather, the last couple of days have given up some good sightings of Guillemots, Shearwaters, Puffins and Gannets, previous sightings have given passengers lots of entertainment from Common and Risso dolphins. We are now in to to the Basking shark season, long may the weather of the last few days continue and, bring them to the surface.

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris
  • 27

    Common Dolphins, Sunfish

    02:00 PM, Thu 1 June 2017
    50°W 6' 23" 50°E 6' 23"

    Some Common dolphins appeared today and the first sunfish showed an appearance yesterday too!

    Spotted by Orca Afternoon
  • 28

    Dolphins, Puffins Guillemots, Gannets

    11:00 AM, Tue 2 May 2017
    50°W 4' 24" 50°E 4' 24"

    The morning trip saw a range of different types of wildlife today!

    Spotted by Orca Morning
  • 29

    Common Dolphins

    02:00 PM, Thu 27 April 2017
    50°W 1' 1" 50°E 1' 1"

    Commons about 7 miles south-east of st Anthony's today.

    Spotted by Orca Afternoon
  • 30


    01:00 PM, Fri 21 April 2017
    50°W 5' 19" 50°E 5' 19"

    A sunny day with dolphins which followed the boat for the whole trip, a very playful lot!

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris Morning and Afternoon trip
  • 31

    Bottlenose Dolphins

    02:50 PM, Sun 16 April 2017
    50°W 6' 36" 50°E 6' 36"

    The afternoon trip saw some bottlenose dolphins and we have heard that there are basking sharks around so lets hope for some warm weather to bring them to the surface!

    Spotted by Orca Afternoon
  • 32

    Dolphins, Gannets, Porpoise.

    02:00 PM, Sun 9 April 2017
    50°W 5' 46" 50°E 5' 46"

    6th - Dolphins and Gannets 9th Gannets and porpoise

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris
  • 33


    01:35 PM, Sun 2 April 2017
    50°W 6' 24" 50°E 6' 24"

    Took the boat out for a test run today and found a pod of dolphins who came to play!

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris
  • 34

    A Quick Update

    01:45 PM, Mon 13 March 2017
    50°W 9' 6" 50°E 9' 6"

    We have now opened trips from the 3rd of April

    Spotted by Orca Update
  • 35

    2017 Trips

    11:11 AM, Sat 21 January 2017
    50°W 9' 5" 50°E 9' 5"

    The 2017 trips are now open. If you would like to book online you get 5% discount! If not please contact us by any of the ways provided.

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris
  • 36

    Sightings 2016

    08:55 PM, Wed 14 December 2016
    50°W 9' 6" 50°E 9' 6"

    2016 has been an amazing year for wildlife. We have had many dolphin pods of different kinds, birds, seals and much more! Sorry we have not been able to update this page for a while due to some technical glitches but we are still very much up and running and will be next year. We are now selling gift cards too, so if you are interested, please email us at info@orcaseasafaris.co.uk And we are looking forward to another productive year in 2017.

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris Update
  • 37

    Common Dolphins

    10:45 AM, Sun 5 April 2015
    50°W 3' 0" 50°E 3' 0"

    A great start, Common Dolphins, 2 Harbour Porpoise and a lone Bottlenose Dolphin

    Spotted by Morning Boat Trip Orca Sea Safari Falmouth
  • 38

    Common Dolphins

    02:45 PM, Tue 29 April 2014
    50°W 5' 53" 50°E 5' 53"

    Lots to be seen today... Common dolphins, jellyfish, a whole host of sea birds and seals.

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 39

    Atlantic Grey Seal

    01:15 PM, Tue 29 April 2014
    50°W 8' 34" 50°E 8' 34"

    Lot's of rock for TP to enjoy due to the very low spring tide today

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth
  • 40

    Basking Shark

    01:40 PM, Thu 24 April 2014
    50°W 4' 11" 50°E 4' 11"

    Great trips today, weather has been perfect a gentle breeze & sunshine, this afternoons trip had a brief encounter with a Basking Shark and some superb views of Gannets falling from the sky. Fully booked for Friday

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris, Falmouth