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Orca Sea

One of Cornwall's top boat trips.

Wildlife watching and coastal safaris in some of the UK’s most stunning waters.


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Latest Sightings

Whenever our team spot some of our wonderful wildlife they'll let you know.

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This Year's Sightings

  • 1

    Basking shark

    03:00 PM, Tue 17 July 2018
    50°W 8' 3" 50°E 8' 3"

    It has been a while since we have been able to post on here but, have had lots of activity, the Basking shark today was a pleasant surprise as, we have not sen many of late, this one was around 8-10 meters in length, a big boy. We have had lots of good sightings of late, today apart from the Shark, Common Dolphins, seals Gannets

    Spotted by Orca Afternoon
  • 2

    Common Dolphins

    02:00 PM, Mon 25 June 2018
    50°W 4' 56" 50°E 4' 56"

    Sorry we have not been able to update this site in a while but, have a good season so far with lots of sightings, Common,Bottle and Risso's Dolphins, minke whales, lots of sun fish. Lets hope the weather continues.

    Spotted by Orca Afternoon
  • 3

    Common Dolphins

    02:00 PM, Sat 28 October 2017
    50°W 2' 50" 50°E 2' 50"

    Was a little bit choppy off the land today, some 7-8 miles SSE of St Anthonys lighthouse, we estimate around 100 Common Dolphins busy feeding along with Gannets, gulls and, a Minke whale!! sadly no pics of the whale but, an awesome sight for all passengers, surrounded by all this wildlife!!

    Spotted by PM Trip
  • 4

    Seals, Common Dolphins

    01:00 PM, Mon 25 September 2017
    50°W 9' 20" 50°E 9' 20"

    Another god day, Atlantic grey seals, last years pups at Gull rock, venturing further out from there, a nice pod of Common Dolphins, around 40/50, very keen on giving us a good time!

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris Afternoon Trip
  • 5

    Atlantic grey seals and pups!

    11:00 AM, Mon 18 September 2017
    50°W 11' 40" 50°E 11' 40"

    This mornings trip did not give up any fins but, heading East to gull rock, all passengers had the experience of seeing four Atlantic grey seal pups resting on the rocks, they were accompanied by 5 adults. Good to see the young ones coming on!

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris Morning Trip
  • 6

    Common Dolphins

    12:00 AM, Tue 12 September 2017
    50°W 3' 12" 50°E 3' 12"

    After 4 days of not being able to get to sea due to bad weather, Tuesday afternoons trip again gave a lot of pleasure to our passengers, Common Dolphins just North of the Manacles!The picture is of a young calf that that came at incredible speed to join us!

    Spotted by Orca Afternoon
  • 7

    Dolphins, Gannets

    02:20 PM, Wed 6 September 2017
    50°W 2' 31" 50°E 2' 31"

    The weather continues to work against us, but we managed to get our trip out this afternoon to the delight of all aboard, common dolphins half way through the trip, right on the Manacles. On our way back towards Falmouth, lots of Gannets along with Manx shearwaters to be seen.

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris Afternoon
  • 8

    Commin Dolphins, Gannets

    11:40 AM, Sat 2 September 2017
    50°W 2' 49" 50°E 2' 49"

    Please forgive us for the lack of up dates on our site of late, we have one or two issues with it that have now been resolved. We have had numerous sightings over the last few days in amongst some of the horrible weather we have had. This wek coming is not looking to promising for a few days, what happened to summer down here in cornwall. We are still seeing varied wild life when we are out including a very quick showing of another Minke whale on Saturday just gone just East of the Helford river.

    Spotted by Orca Morning
  • 9

    Dolphins, porpise, gannets, sunfish

    11:00 AM, Wed 30 August 2017
    50°W 3' 8" 50°E 3' 8"

    The sea has been like a mirror recently, flat calm and wildlife everywhere.

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris AM and PM Trips
  • 10

    Minke Whale

    02:00 PM, Thu 24 August 2017
    50°W 2' 55" 50°E 2' 55"

    Due to a technical glitch in the system, we have not been able to upload sightings, but between the last sighting uploaded, nearly all trips have gone out and the ones that did go out saw fins everywhere. On this trip there was a minke whale that was seen and was around for a few days after too!

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris PM Trip
  • 11

    Dolphins, Sunfish

    11:00 AM, Tue 15 August 2017
    50°W 5' 21" 50°E 5' 21"

    The commons were not up for playing today, were very subdued. The Sun fish however was very inquisitive and came over to see what we were all about. Both trips today had good sightings.

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris
  • 12

    Porpoise, Dolphins, Gannets and Shearwaters

    11:00 AM, Sun 13 August 2017
    50°W 4' 57" 50°E 4' 57"

    Today's trips full of wildlife, porpoise everywhere, lots of dolphins, gannets and shearwaters. Another good day out at sea.

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris
  • 13

    Common Dolphins, Harbour Porpoise, Sunfish

    11:00 AM, Sat 12 August 2017
    50°W 5' 16" 50°E 5' 16"

    Harbour porpoise, Common dolphins and a sunfish paying a visit on today's trips.

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris
  • 14

    Dolphins, Gannets

    11:30 AM, Tue 8 August 2017
    50°W 4' 29" 50°E 4' 29"

    Some dolphins having a more of a play from today's trip with a gannet slipping into the frame!

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris
  • 15

    Dolphins, Sunfish

    11:40 AM, Mon 7 August 2017
    50°W 5' 27" 50°E 5' 27"

    Some dolphins feeding and a sunfish making an appearance.

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris
  • 16

    Dolphins, seals

    01:00 PM, Sat 5 August 2017
    50°W 6' 21" 50°E 6' 21"

    Dolphins and seals are starting to make appearances again!

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris
  • 17

    Common Dolphins, Harbour porpoises, Gannets, Shearwaters

    11:00 AM, Tue 1 August 2017
    50°W 1' 53" 50°E 1' 53"

    Despite the Cornish Summer Weather, the wildlife is still about!

    Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris 2HR Coastal Explorer
  • 18

    Common Dolphins, Seals

    11:00 AM, Tue 25 July 2017
    50°W 1' 28" 50°E 1' 28"

    We were able to get out again on Tuesday, having cleared the harbour we headed out to the SSE, very calm and oily sea, with a small sea breeze, very soon we came across some harbour porpoise within 2 miles of the coast, we continued out to sea finding Manx Shearwaters and Gannets, continuing further, we found a small pod of Common Dolphins some 7-8 miles to the SSE from St Anthonys lighthouse, much to the enjoyment of all passengers.

    Spotted by AM Trip
  • 19

    Common Dolphins

    11:00 AM, Mon 24 July 2017
    50°W 5' 29" 50°E 5' 29"

    Its been another couple of days with lots see after a few days of inclement weather, Common Dolphins, Sundays pod was exciting to see with two or three very young calves, Gannets, Shearwaters and seals. Today more Commons, Shearwaters and Gannets and, Harbour Porpoise. We have a bit more weather possibly coming through this week but, hope for that to change, it still looks as though sea time will be ok. Keep watching for up dates.

    Spotted by AM Trip
  • 20

    Common Dolphins

    02:00 PM, Sun 16 July 2017
    50°W 4' 16" 50°E 4' 16"

    The weather at the moment down here is not good for us to get out very far with Coverack suffering horrendous flash floods yesterday. Sundays PM trip started very quietly, we then headed out to sea to the SE of St Anthony's for about eight miles, we were then very pleased to come across a small pod of common dolphins busy feeding but, taking time to come and visit us for some good interaction to the delight of all passengers.

    Spotted by PM Trip