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Tide &

Daily tide and weather information for Falmouth and the surrounding area.


Tide & Weather

This Weather Widget is provided by the Met Office

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caused by the gravitational forces of the Sun and the Moon on our planet’s oceans. Not only does tide cause the sea to rise and fall but it also creates tidal streams. Here in Falmouth we see the tide flowing north, up the estuary, as it comes in and south as it flows back out to sea.


Depth of Water: This is simply the depth of water beneath the boat.

Charted Depth: When you look at a chart it shows the depth of water at Chart Datum.

Chart Datum: This is the lowest tide we ever get and all charts are drawn at this depth, the lowest possible tide.

Height of Tide: This is the height of water above Chart Datum and is the number given to us in Tide Tables.

Drying Height: How far above Chart Datum a rock or sand bar dries.

Flood & Ebb: Flood is when the tide is coming in and Ebb is when the tide is going out.