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Fal River

Fal River can now help you plan fun and educational days out for schools and families.



Learning & Education

Fal River Links, working in Partnership with HSBC, Sense of Place, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and the National Maritime Museum can now help you plan fun and educational days out for schools and families.

Explore these pages to download creative project ideas, shore-side activities and information about organised workshops, outings and events.

Activities for children

Whether you are a parent or teacher, the activities below can be downloaded and printed out, providing some fun marine themed ideas to keep children busy and inspiried throughout the school holidays.

Animal Puppets

Downloadable instruction sheets for making 3 marine animal puppets:

Environmental Awareness

Sensory activities to encourage kids to take a broader look at the seashore and what's around them.

  • Count the Sounds of the Seashore Symphony
  • Sound maps
  • Beach detectives
  • The artist's palette
  • Pebbles on the beach
  • Nature poems

Download "Getting In Touch" activity sheet
(Adobe Acrobat, 23Kb)

Feeding & Food Webs

Activities to explain how different animals have different methods of feeding and are all interlinked in the ecosystem.

  • Change gangs
  • Tangled webs
  • Food chain mobiles
  • Food chain sculptures
  • Ice cream sandwiches
  • Filter feeders
  • Dolphin/fish tag

Download "Feeding and Food Webs" activity sheet
(Adobe Acrobat, 25Kb)


Activties exploring the different places animals live.

  • Animal addresses
  • The habitat game
  • How cool is a rockpool?
  • Rocky rocks and cool crevices
  • Count and compare
  • Nature poems

Download "Habitats" activity sheet
(Adobe Acrobat, 26Kb)

Identification & Classification

Games for getting children to think about the characteristics used to identify sea creatures.

  • Who am I?
  • Animal theatre
  • Fantasea animals
  • Meet a shell
  • Animal shapes
  • Design your own key
  • Sorting animal shapes
  • Shell key

Download "Identification & Classification" activity sheet
(Adobe Acrobat, 43Kb)

People & The Sea

Activities to think about conservation and environmental management of the seas.

  • A world without a sea
  • Oil slick
  • Beach litter survey
  • Here today - gone tommorrow!
  • Poster design
  • Pebble pledge

Download "People & the Sea" activity sheet
(Adobe Acrobat, 26Kb)

Tide Times

Short activities covering the tidal cycle.

Download "Tide Times" activity sheet
(Adobe Acrobat, 43Kb)

Download tide quiz sheet
(Adobe Acrobat, 16Kb)

The Seashore Code

Information on shore side saftey.

Download "The Seashore Code" information sheet
(Adobe Acrobat, 26Kb)

The National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum hosts a range of family activities and workshops.

View current workshops and activities

Ten Things

Ten things you can do to help care for the marine environment.

Download "Ten Things!" action sheet

(Adobe Acrobat, 360Kb)

Guidance and Information for Schools

Planning a School visit ?

Make sure you find out as much as you can about where you intend to visit before planning the trip. You will need to know practicalities such as where to park, toilet facilities, nearest phone etc as well as what habitats and wildlife are available to study.

Download school visit advice sheet
(Adobe Acrobat, 292Kb)

Cornwall Wildlife Trust Sessions

CWT offer a variety of different themed sessions, including ones specifically designed to complement the Sense of Place units of work on "Cornish Seashore" and "Our Cornish Rivers". All are linked to the National Curriculum at both Key Stages 1 & 2, and subject areas covered include English, Science, Geography and Citizenship.

Download more information
(Adobe Acrobat, 304Kb)

Sense of Place Units

Fal River Links have been working with Sense of Place, Cornwall Wildlife Trust, HSB and other partners to develop new inspirational ways of bringing our distinctive and special Cornish rivers and seas to life in the classroom. We have developed different materials for you to use and enjoy in school, as well as resource packs and links to places to go and people to talk to.

Download more information
(Adobe Acrobat, 298Kb)

The National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum offers a choice of National Curriculum workshops for Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, and Post 14, devised in partnership with schools and led by trained members of museum staff.

The Wildlife of the Fal Estuary

The Fal estuary is one of the finest marine wildlife sites in Europe.

The area has long been recognised for its scenic beauty but its wildlife is just as important. A rich diversity of plant and animal life thrives in the surrounding river, mudflats, creeks and open sea.

Download "Fal Estuary Wildlife" information sheet
(Adobe Acrobat, 292Kb)

Secrets of The Sea - CDROM

The CDROM contains information on the biology, geography, historical and present day use, conservation and management issues relating to the estuary, as well as field identification keys for the most common species found on the Helford, and links to other sources of information and resources.

Download more information
(Adobe Acrobat, 300Kb)

Adult research and learning

The National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum hosts a range of lectures, dinners and also houses a comprehensive research library staffed by volunteers.

The Royal Institution of Cornwall

The Royal Institution of Cornwall was established in 1818 and is now housed at the Royal Cornwall Library in Truro - housing over 150,000 items about Cornwall's past.